Harraway Trees

Specialists in Tree Inspection and Decay Evaluation


Harraway Trees was established in 1989 and provides arboricultural consultancy and specialist training services to a wide range of clients in the south east of England. Company principal, John Harraway F Arbor A, MICFor, Dip Arb (RFS) has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and worked as a climbing arborist, local government tree officer and trainer and lecturer prior to setting up his own business. In 2015 John was awarded the Arboricultural Association’s annual award for ‘Continued Contribution to Arboriculture’.


For the last 20 years Harraway Trees has specialised in decay evaluation in trees using a range of modern techniques, including a Picus 3 sonic tomography unit, Treetronic electrical resistance tomograph and IML Resi PD400 decay detecting drill.

John using a Picus 3 to assess the base of a Field maple

Picus tomogram showing decay in central stem

Resi drilling graph showing onset of decay at a depth of 22cm

Contact details

For further details of available services and to arrange a site visit please contact John who will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements:

Email: john@harrawaytrees.co.uk  Telephone: 07831 651090

Photo-merge of a Picus result onto the stem of a Lime tree'